How to Remove PS5 Cover: A Simple Guide

How to Remove PS5 Cover

Next-generation Sony PlayStation systems are slim, feature excellent airflow, higher processing power, and can even be customized.

Users can remove the covers to work, clean, or personalize their consoles thanks to Sony’s new regulations surrounding seals and warranties.

However, it may not be as simple as it appears for some individuals. Tugging or exerting too much pressure to the faceplates can cause them to break.

The guides below will show you how to remove PS5 cover without causing damage or voiding the warranty.

Why You Need to Remove a PS5 Cover?

Why You Need to Remove a PS5 Cover?

The PS5 features a beautiful curved shape. However, some people prefer higher-quality covers or an alternative to the standard white. As a result, more users are personalizing their consoles by changing the covers and colors to match their gaming sets.

Similarly, dust particles, fall damage, and other factors can harm PS5 covers. If you’re not careful, you may have to replace busted covers in order to restore the console’s appearance and protect its inside components.

Another need to learn how to remove covers is so that you can access the disk. A disk may become stuck inside your PS5 from time to time. It’s worrisome, especially when restarting the console doesn’t resolve the problem.

Whether it’s a disk or another object that’s been stuck, you won’t always require the assistance of a professional PS5 technician to resolve the issue.

How to Remove PS5 Cover

First and foremost, ensure sure your PlayStation has been properly turned off, disconnected from power, and, if you have just been gaming on it, has had time to cool.

Remove any USB wires and attachments and work on a dry, clean surface.

How to Remove PS5 Cover

Removing the Top Cover

The white plastic covers on the PS5’s top and bottom click into place, making removal simple.

Place the console with the PS5 inscription in the upper right corner of your room. By pressing your thumb firmly into the plastic immediately below the logo, you may slide the entire top panel to the left. The entire part will disintegrate in your hand.

Removing the Bottom Cover

Turn your PlayStation over so that the front of the console is still facing you. Apply pressure to the upper-left corner of the plastic cover with your thumb once more.

You’ll be sliding everything to the right this time. It should make a little “pop” and then fall off.

It can be a good idea to clear away any dust or animal hair that has gathered in the console at this time.

How to Remove PS5 Covers to Eject a Stuck Disk

How to Remove PS5 Covers to Eject a Stuck Disk

The PS5 covers’ best feature is their straightforward design. Remove the bottom cover to gain access to the disk.

To execute this task, all you’ll need is a Phillips PH1 head screwdriver. However, care and a gentle touch are required while exposing and manipulating the disk.

Forcing a stopped disk might quickly break it, necessitating professional assistance.

Surprisingly, removing the cover and rotating the screw will not violate your PS5’s warranty.

As a result, if you are unable to remove a jammed disk using this procedure, you should send the console in for repair.

  1. Unplug and turn off your PS5.
  2. Place it on a clean, level surface, with the logo facing down and the disk drive to the left.
  3. To reveal the light gray disk drive panel, lift the cover from the corner and slide it to the right.
  4. Take off the black screw cap.
  5. Turn it clockwise with a Phillips PH1 head screwdriver.
  6. Turn the screw until the disk is visible.
  7. To avoid cracking, gently pull the disk without straining it.
  8. Push down on the corners of the cover until you hear a clicking sound.

How to Remove the Covers to Clean the System

How to Remove the Covers to Clean the System

What you’ll need:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Vacuum
  • A can of regular compressed air

Under the top lid of the PS5 console is a dust collector. As a result, that is the most critical portion of the system to clean.

  1. Turn off your PlayStation 5 game system.
  2. Remove any wires and devices that are attached.
  3. Placing the console on a clean, flat surface with the logo facing you is recommended.
  4. Lift the cover from the logo corner until you hear a “pop.”
  5. In the other direction, slide it.
  6. With the microfiber cloth, clean the system.
  7. Suck the dust from the two dust collecting apertures with the vacuum.
  8. Using compressed air, remove any leftover dust particles from the ports and sides.
  9. To remove debris, spray the fan with compressed air and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

If you don’t want to void the warranty, use this cover removal and cleaning procedure. You can perform a much deeper cleaning by disassembling the system and removing the SSD and disk drive covers, but this will void the warranty.

To guarantee that no dust particles remain, you should clean both sides of the PS5. Here’s how to wipe the opposite side of the console:

  1. Set the console on a table so that the logo is facing down.
  2. Lift the cover until you hear a “pop,” then slide it aside.
  3. Using a microfiber cloth, clean the surface.
  4. Apply compressed air to the fan and disk drive openings.

How to Remove the PS5 Covers to Install New Ones

It only takes a few seconds to customize your PS5’s appearance or replace damaged covers.

What you need to do for the top cover is as follows:

  1. Turn off your PS5.
  2. Remove any wires and devices that are attached.
  3. Set the console on a level surface with the logo facing you.
  4. Pull up on the cover from behind the logo until you hear a “pop.”
  5. Remove the cover off the logo.
  6. If necessary, clean the system.
  7. Slide the replacement cover over the console, making that the etched logo is in the same place.
  8. Gently press down to hear a “pop” or “click,” indicating that the cover has been locked in place.

If you want to replace both covers, flip the PS5 over and repeat the procedures below:

  1. Place the console so that the power button is facing you.
  2. Grip the upper left corner of the lid and pull it up until you hear a “pop.”
  3. To remove it, slide it in the opposite way.
  4. While you’re at it, clean the system.
  5. Insert the new cover and press down until it clicks into place.
  6. Reconnect the wires to your console and power on the device.

That’s all for how to remove PS5 cover. Hope that you find this article helpful. Thank you for your reading!

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