PS5 Controller PC: How to Connect PS5 Controller to PC

PS5 Controller PC

Sony’s DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5 is the greatest in a long time. It’s tactile, comfortable for large and medium-sized hands, and boasts clicky, responsive buttons. On the PS5, it even provides comprehensive haptic feedback and triggers with resistance that may alter depending on the game.

A PS5 controller can be connected to your PC. It’s relatively simple to connect it to your PC for gaming. We’ll get you connected and set up your PS5 controller for use on a PC with this tutorial. Continue reading to learn about the PS5 controller PC.

Is the PS5 DualSense Controller compatible with PC?

Is the PS5 DualSense Controller compatible with PC?

Yes, the DualSense PS5 controller should be compatible with your PC, thus you should be able to connect it and enjoy a PS5-like experience on a computer rather effortlessly.

Sony confirmed this in a comprehensive PS5 FAQ website, which is a wonderful place to visit if you have any queries about the console, controller, or anything else PS5-related.

In actuality, a limited selection of PC games support DualSense’s haptic feedback features.

Connect the PS5 Controller to your computer via USB

Connect the PS5 Controller to your computer via USB


A USB cable is the most convenient way to connect your PS5 controller to your computer. Fortunately, Windows can recognize your controller automatically, so you won’t have to deal with manually installing drivers for it.

Because the PS5 controller has a USB-C connector, you’ll need a USB-C data cable. The other end of the cable (USB-A or USB-C) is determined by the ports on your computer.

  1. Connect the USB-C end of the cable to your PS5 controller.
  2. Connect the USB-A end of the cord to your computer.
  3. Windows will now notify you that the controller has been discovered, and your controller will illuminate.

That’s all! Your controller is now operational, and you can begin playing your games. When you launch a video game that supports controllers, your PS5 controller will emit a white glow beneath the touchpad.

Some USB cords are exclusively for charging. When you connect your controller with a charging-only wire, it will only charge it. Check that the USB cable you’re using supports data transfer.

Although you can use the PS5 controller as is, it’s a good idea to update it via your PC since you’ve already hooked it up. Updating the firmware on your PS5 controller guarantees that all features are working and up to date.

There is a tiny hiccup with this method, which is caused by the PS5 controller’s enhanced functionality. The PS5 controller includes speakers as well as a microphone.

As a result, when you connect it to your computer through USB, it is possible that your computer will switch the audio output to your controller.

You can simply resolve this by removing the “DualSense Wireless Controller” sound output device in Windows.

Connect the PS5 Controller to Your PC Via Bluetooth

Connect the PS5 Controller to Your PC Via Bluetooth

You can connect your PS5 controller to your PC through Bluetooth if you don’t want to mess with wires and want to play from a distance.

To do so, your PC must be Bluetooth-enabled. If your PC lacks built-in Bluetooth, you can add Bluetooth to it by using a Bluetooth adaptor.

Here’s how to use Bluetooth to link your PS5 controller to your PC:

  1. Navigate to Settings in Windows 10 or Windows 11.
  2. Select Add a device.
  3. Select Bluetooth.
  4. Hold the PS and Create buttons on your PS5 controller for three seconds, or until the controller begins to flicker blue. In
  5. DualShock 4 controllers, the Create button is the same as the Share button.
  6. In the Add a device window on your PC, select your controller. Your controller’s name will most likely be Wireless Controller.
  7. Bluetooth settings in Windows 11.
  8. When you pick your controller, the flashing will cease and a steady blue light will appear.
  9. Click the Done button.

When you use your PS5 controller remotely, it will obviously use battery power. To keep playing, you’ll need to charge it from time to time.

Playing with a wired connection, on the other hand, will charge your controller as you play.

PS5 Controller PC: Set up the PS5 Controller in Steam

The simplest way to configure a PS5 controller on Windows is to use Steam, specifically its “Big Picture Mode.”

  1. Go to View > Big Picture or click the Big Picture icon in the top-right corner of the Steam Window to enter Big Picture Mode.
  2. You’ll be able to navigate around using the PS5 controller from here. Select Settings > Controller Settings from the menu.
  3. Check the box next to “PlayStation Configuration Support.” This is particularly significant because it will allow you to configure your PS5 controls for Steam games and big picture mode in the main settings menu.

You may also click “Preferences” from here to give your controller a name, modify the rumble parameters, and change the color of its light.

There’s also a “calibrate” option, which you shouldn’t use unless you’re having problems with the joysticks or gyros.

Check your audio settings if your sound stops working while using a PS5 controller on a PC. The PS5 controller features an in-built speaker that occasionally makes sounds during games.

It does not, however, play nice as a Windows speaker, despite the fact that your PC may detect it as such. If this occurs, be sure to return to your speakers, headset, or monitor.

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