PS5 Controller Repair: Take These Steps to Fix It

PS5 Controller Repair

Owners of the PS5 have reported an unfortunate problem with the DualSense controller since the console’s release. The PS5 controller, like the DualShock 4 that came with the PS4, appears to be prone to drifting.

If this is your case, don’t miss this post. Here are steps for PS5 controller repair.

What Is DualSense Drift?

What Is DualSense Drift?

When the PS5 recognizes movement on screen despite the player not touching the controller, this is known as DualSense drift.

In Fortnite, for example, your character may move even if you aren’t touching the DualSense.

DualSense drift is to blame for this. Essentially, the joystick sensors inside the pad are becoming obsolete far too soon. They deteriorate quickly, become clogged with thumb gunk, and even deform with time.

Unfortunately, a PS5 controller breakdown indicates that DualSense drift was unavoidable because several components are prone to wear and tear.

This isn’t ideal if you want your DualSense to last. Nobody wants to spend $70 on a new controller if their old one dies after a few months.

Fortunately, you can correct DualSense drift with a few simple actions.

PS5 Controller Repair

Follow the steps below to fix DualSense drift:

PS5 Controller Repair

Adjust the DualSense Controller’s Input Threshold

The input threshold (also known as the deadzone) is the area of the thumbstick that detects no movement. So, if you just have minor drift, you may be able to eradicate it entirely. This workaround, however, will only work for certain games.

You can modify the size of the controller’s input threshold by going into the controller settings in some (but not all) games. An example of these settings may be found in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Raise the deadzone size/input threshold on the right thumbstick if you see slight DualSense drift to the right. This means that the controller will not record movement until the stick is pushed beyond its threshold.

Unfortunately, this is not an option at the system level, which is odd given how simple a repair this would be for Sony. This may be included in a controller and console update so that the deadzone can be changed from the main controller menu. This could make people happier for longer and, at the absolute least, provide a temporary cure.

Clean Your DualSense Controller Thoroughly

If you haven’t cleaned your controllers in a while, you should start. Consider this: when you play a game, your palms become sweaty. This leaves a film on your controller. It gets into the grooves, beneath the shoulder triggers, under the face buttons, and pretty much any other recess.

Unfortunately, dirt gets behind the thumbsticks as well. This is an ideal environment for filth to thrive, and unfortunately, it might cause DualSense drift—so it may require cleaning. This is how you clean your PS5 controller properly.

The best instruments are a cotton swab and high-concentration isopropyl alcohol. We propose the strongest drink available. Water damage to internal circuitry is less likely as concentration increases.

Before you begin cleaning the controller, remember to detach and turn it off. Failure to do so may exacerbate the damage. It’s as simple as soaking a cotton swab in alcohol and carefully cleaning each thumbstick and its housing.

When cleaning it, use only a light dab of liquid. Move the stick around in its chassis and thoroughly clean the bearing, as this is the part of the thumbstick that will introduce dirt into the controller.

Furthermore, you can correct your DualSense stick drift by blowing out any dust or other particles that may have become trapped behind the thumbstick. You can do this with a dust blower or compressed air. Move the thumbstick in full circles while blowing air into the controller.

Thumbsticks Should Be Lifted and Rotated

If you play games that demand you to use and click your thumbstick in one way for extended periods of time, you may find that your thumbstick begins to drift in that direction.

One method is to carefully remove your thumbstick from its housing and generously rotate it many times before replacing it. This will assist in re-centering the mechanism within the thumbstick and, hopefully, correcting any controller drift on your PS5.

DualSense Controller Reset and Update

While hardware failures are frequently to blame for PlayStation 5 controller drift, you should still cover all of your bases and rule out any potential software issues. So, if the first three methods haven’t worked, reset your DualSense controller. For this, you’ll need a paper clip or a safety pin.

To begin, ensure that your controller is turned off. Then, for five seconds, gently insert and hold the paper clip or safety pin into the tiny hole on the back of your DualSense controller. Try using your controller again after the reset to check whether the problem has been fixed.

Resetting your Bluetooth connection may help if resetting your controller does not. Go to Settings > Accessories > General > Turn Off Bluetooth to accomplish this. This will necessitate the use of your USB cord. Finally, make sure your console and DualSense controller are running the most recent firmware.

Go to Settings > Accessories > Controller (General) > DualSense Wireless Controller Device Software for your controller. Your console should automatically update, but you can force it to do so by heading to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.

Return Your Sony DualSense Controller

If your DualSense controller is still under warranty and you have your receipt, you should be able to return it to Sony for a free replacement. However, because it is the nuclear option, you only employ it as a last resort.

The return procedure is rather straightforward. It’s as simple as going to the Fix and Replace page and starting your return from there. You may also monitor the return on that page to find out when a replacement will arrive.

Simply select the DualSense option, and the site will walk you through a series of questions to help you assess the problem and begin your return. If you run into any issues, you can always contact PlayStation support. However, keep in mind that it may take some time for your call to reach the head of the queue.

If your DualSense controller is no longer under warranty, you must take it to a repairer or buy a new one. Given the prevalence of PlayStation 5 controller drift, you may want to consider investing in the more premium and pricey DualSense Edge controller, which includes a protective case, replacement stick modules, and custom deadzones, all of which help to its lifetime.

PS5 Controller Repair: What You Shouldn’t Do?

PS5 Controller Repair: What You Shouldn't Do?

First and foremost, do not disassemble your PS5 controller. If you do, you will lose the warranty, which means you will be unable to return the DualSense to Sony for a replacement. You don’t need to disassemble it because you probably don’t have the necessary components to repair it.

Second, while we encourage cleaning your controller, we don’t propose jumping in the shower with it or hosing it down in the garden; instead, use proper cleaning materials.

There are various inventive methods to use DIY cleaning slime or putty instead of alcohol.

Third, be gentle with your controller. If you chuck it after losing a game, you will damage the controller. Similarly, you don’t have to press the thumbstick buttons too hard because these are sensitive components that are simple to use. You are not need to pulverize them while playing.

Furthermore, avoid exposing your DualSense controllers to severe temperatures or storing them in dusty areas. It’s also a good idea to wash your hands before playing to keep the controllers clean.


If your controller drifts, try the solutions listed above to see if they work. Begin by cleaning, and if that fails, return the controller to Sony.

DualSense drift is a problem that Sony must address as quickly as possible in order to keep its committed PlayStation users satisfied.

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